Body Piercing FAQ’s

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  • Torquay      Mon-Sat: 9:30-16:45/Sun: 10:30-15:45


Does it hurt?

A question asked by almost everyone who comes into the shop for a piercing, and as much as we like to reassure our customers at Tribal Voice we do like to point out… of course it hurts. You consent having something unnaturally put into your skin, there is going to be a level of discomfort but it will vary piercing to piercing and person to person. Even our own members of staff have conflicting opinions on the same piercings! But it’s not all bad, it will look rad and for the 1.5 second of pain… it’s totally worth it.

Parents! If you are bringing in your children to have their ears pierced, the best thing you can do is be realistic with them. Try not to reassure them that it doesn’t hurt because they will find out that it does hurt. We’ve seen some real tough cookies come into our studio and still not been very happy because it’s an uncomfortable feeling that they have never experienced before. Be honest, so they can decide if it’s what they really want.

How can I be sure of hygiene in the studio?

Hygiene and Safety are an imperative part of the piercing procedure and Tribal Voice take this responsibility very seriously.

Tribal Voice is registered with Plymouth City Councils Health and Safety department and is subject to yearly inspections. The Council ensures that the studio and practise within, comply with their code of conduct. Therefore no establishment should be practising Body Piercing without this.

The Body Piercers at Tribal Voice are all experienced and qualified to carry out the piercing procedure and again take this responsibility very seriously. A few examples: the studio is cleaned daily with a thorough weekly clean, the piercers always wash their hands before and after each piercing as well as wear gloves during the procedure. All instruments are sterilised and a disposable, sterilised needle is used for each piercing.

Plymouth City Council license Tribal Voice to carry out Body Piercing procedures.

What type of jewellery is used for my piercing?

The 3 types of material in Jewellery recommended to use for Body Piercing Procedures are:
PTFE (Plastic)

Recommended as they contain the smallest percentage of nickel. Titanium contains the least of all these and because of this Tribal Voice will use Titanium Jewellery for your piercing, with the exception of a Tongue Piercing where we will use a PTFE Barbell. This is because for the first 2 weeks of a tongue piercing it is likely to swell and the plastic bar allows for more movement and flexibility, it is also a much more lightweight material therefore more comfortable whilst the piercing heals initially.

WE DO NOT USE ACRYLIC FOR INITIAL PIERCINGS! Any plastic used is PTFE, a bio friendly plastic that is extremely unlikely to give any reactions. Did you know they coat frying pans with them? You do now!

We do sell Steel jewellery but we never pierce with it.

We will only use our jewellery to pierce with. If you bring us something else, we will not use it. Our jewellery is pre-sterilised and therefore reassures us – what the material is, the quality of it and will further reassure you, your piercing will be fine during the healing process.

Do I have to book and appointment for my piercing?

You do not have to book an appointment with Tribal Voice as we work on a walk in policy. Most piercings are fairly quick procedures so we do not anticipate you will need to wait for long, there might be the odd time where we have a few piercings waiting but again it will not take too long to get to you.

The only exception where we would recommend you book an appointment for a piercing is if you require a genital piercing or if there is a large group of you. This is purely for time constraints. If we know you and your squad of 15 want piercings, we can then gauge how long it will take and appropriately inform anyone else waiting.

We do ask that you come in an hour before closing. This is just in case we have a back log of customers and so we can also make sure we have enough time to sterilise the studio. (We have homes to go to too you know and it’s not just a case a wiping a few surfaces down).

If you need to make an appointment you can call us or Facebook message us and we can get you booked in.

What do I use to clean my piercing with afterwards?

Our Body Piercers at Tribal Voice will explain to you in detail how to look after your piercing once you leave the studio.

We recommend that you use Sea/Rock Salt and hot water solution twice a day with a cotton bud around the piercing. Purchase Sea or Rock salt from most supermarkets.
When making the salt solution make sure you boil the water and allow it to cool down before using it on your piercing. Use a quarter tea spoon of sea salt to half a pint of boiling water.

We recommend this solution to clean your piercing with as it is a very natural solution and contains no chemicals. We do not recommend using any other solution than this due to the strength of chemicals in others such as TCP, Tea Tree Oil or Savalon. Your piercing is a small puncture in your skin and your body will react to this and heal the piercing appropriately. Just ensure that your piercing is clean and leave it alone to heal, your body will do the rest!

Once you have left the studio it is your responsibility to look after you’re piercing and important that you follow the aftercare advice.

How long will my piercing take to heal?

Healing times will vary depending on the piercing that you have had done? Some piercings can take a few weeks and others can take months. Soft tissue such as lips and genitals will only take 4-8 weeks and surface piercings such as a naval piercing can take as long as 4-6 months!
The following reflects each piercing and its expected healing period:

Piercing Healing Time

Ears (Lobes) – 6-8 Weeks

Ears (Cartilage) – 4-6 Months

Nose – 2-3 Months

Eyebrow – 6-8 Weeks

Lip – 6-8 Weeks

Tongue – 6-8 Weeks

Nipple – Male – 4-6 Months

Nipple – Female – 2-3 Months

Naval – 6-9 Months

Surface – 6-9 Months

Genital – 4-6 Weeks

What should I do if I’m worried or can’t change the jewellery myself once my piercing has healed?

If you have any problems at any point with your piercing – new or old – you can:

  • Come in and have a chat with us. We can fit jewellery for a small fee and give you any advise for free!
  • You can Facebook message us. We’ll get back to you fairly quick on Facebook because we are stuck to it like the rest of the world!

School/Work don’t like me wearing my piercing, is there anything I can do to make it more discreet?
Tribal Voice would recommend that you buy a Retainer if you want to make your piercing more discreet.
A Retainer is plastic see-through piece which works well and is available in all forms i.e. Barbell, Labret etc.

If you have a specific question you would like to ask please email:

Please note: if the answer to you question is already on the website, we may not reply.

Can I film/photograph my piercing being done (or a friends)?
It’s always good/polite to ask our piercers first before whipping out your camera. Please don’t be offended if we say no. This could be because we prefer not to be filmed, we may feel it’s not appropriate for it to be filmed or we’re just having a bad hair day (just kidding we never have bad hair days here at Tribal Voice!)

How much is a piercing somewhere else?
We politely ask that you don’t ask this question as it is a little rude. After all, we are well aware we’re not the only place in our city piercing, but it is not in our interest to know others prices or what they might do differently in their practice. We respect other piercers so please respect that we are our own business.

We also ask you don’t put down other businesses in our studio. It’s rude and it’s not getting anyone brownie points for doing so. You wont get us joining in as it’s not our business, we have no opinion in the nicest way. We focus our efforts on our own skills, techniques, care, experience and quality.