In order to successfully book your appointment with us, please complete all TWO STEPS listed.

Our piercers will still being wearing face masks during the piercing procedure. Therefore we ask our customers to wear one in the studio too unless instructed to remove it. 

If you are unwell or have tested positive please let us know as soon as possible. If more than 24 hours notice is given we can reschedule your appointment.

*We have the right to refuse anyone, under our own discretion, no matter the reason.


Here is some examples of what you can have pierced with us –


When choosing your Piercing(s)


5+ for: Lobes (excl. 3mm) (with parent or legal guardian. ID & Proof of guardianship required)
11+ for: Helix (with parent or legal guardian. ID & Proof of guardianship required. You must be in secondary school)
13+ for: Nose (excl. Septum) | Navel (with parent or legal guardian. ID & Proof of guardianship required)
14+ for: All Ear piercings | All Facial (incl. Septum) | Surface | Dermal (with parent or legal guardian, ID & Proof of guardianship required)
16+ for: Tongue | Nipple | Cheek (with Photo ID or with parent/guardian)
18+ for: Genital (with Photo ID or with parent/guardian)

Valid ID: Passport | Driving License (incl. Provisional) | Citizen Card | Official Rail Card stating age (ie: 16-25 Railcard) | UK Student 6th Form/College Card (incl. photo & name) | Totum Student Card | any other form as long as it has your photo, name and date of birth. (We also accept Birth Certificates when presented WITH another form of Photo ID that includes a photo and name). We will not accept a birth certificate on its own and should you arrive with only that or any other ID that is not valid we can refuse to pierce you without a deposit refund. 

Please Note

– You will need only ONE appointment for up to 3 piercings. Example – a pair of lobes (2) and a helix (1) can be done in one appointment slot. 
– When booking for Multiple Piercings, please choose the most relevant piercing when you book your appointment and we will sort the rest in store.
– You can notify which multiple piercings you would like in the consent form which we will need to be completed at least 24 hours before the piercing appointment. 

Please Be Aware
– Choosing multiple piercing areas in close proximity that are prone to movement and swelling and may be refused as this will effect your healing time.
– We will confirm the number and type of piercings suitable for you in store before your appointment.

Step 1

Book Your Appointment 24 hrs to 1 week in advance

  • Same day appointments will be available for Walk-Ins Only. You will need to call the store on the day (the earlier you call, the more availability we will have)

Choose your service: