About us

About us

Our company

Running for 25 years and counting! We are an alternative fashion retailer selling a wide range of popular Spiritual, Occult, Goth, Emo and Punk fashion and gifts. We also stock a huge range of accessories for any alternative style; from hair dye and contact lenses to nails and make-up. You can also find weird and wonderful gifts for all ages, as well as incense, oils and a variety of aromatherapy pieces for your home!

Come check out our clothing range, from Darkside, Jawbreaker, Innocent, Band T-shirts and many more; both male, female and for babies! We also stock a wide range of other gift and ornaments from Nemesis Now, Funko Pop Vinyls, Head Knockers etc. We literally have all you could need if you collect Dragons, Fairies, DC merchandise, TV merchandise, Gothic and Fantasy home decor and a plethora of Skulls! Finally, if you’re looking for a simple change or to spice up your look, there’s plenty of hair dye and make up to choose from. Directions, Stargazer and Crazy Colour, including bleach, shampoos and conditioners too!

Piercing Studio

Tribal Voice is the longest running Body Piercing Studio in Plymouth with over 19 years of piercing experience. Also throughout the UK, we proudly carry one of the most extensive ranges of body jewellery. We are registered with our local health authority and therefore adhere strictly to a professional code of Hygiene and Safety.

Want a piercing or just need information? You can always come and chat to a member of staff who will be willing to help. (We don’t usually take appointments for piercing as we work on a walk in basis but you can always book in if you wish). We also have a huge variety of body jewellery, so why not stop by? I’m sure you’ll find something you’d love.

For all piercings provided by ourselves, we are happy to give a free consultation and provide free aftercare. Please direct complaints or enquiries to the company in question, if you are unhappy or satisfied with a piercing done in a different studio. If you have a question related to body piercing please check out our Body Piercing Information Pages before sending us an email. If there is an answer for your question our FAQs; (ie: prices or opening times), we may not not reply to an email on this subject.

Studio Opening Times: 
      Plymouth  Mon-Sat: 10:00-16:45/Sun: 10:30-15:45
      Torquay     Mon-Sat: 09:30-16:45/Sun: 10:30-15:45



Whenever I walk into Tribal Voice, I am greeted by friendly faces who will go out of their way to make sure I am getting the best possible service. Their studios are always clean and tidy and their website is always kept up to date. I love coming into this quirky, happy place and will keep coming back for as long as I can.
Tom Cree

We were in the Torquay shop last week whilst on holiday I love Tribal Voice, lovely friendly staff that are always willing to help. If i can’t get to the high street shop then I’m in the online shop! Love it!
Michelle Myers