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New Band Merch

In a time where we can’t see live music why not grab some merch off our merch stand instead. Have we got some cracking band merch in atm! Turn it up to 11 and check these items out!


Great Britain? Great British Metal!! 

Iron Maiden, Lemmy, Ozzy Osbourne and Queen. These rocking legends careers span back to 1968. Ozzy first graced the world with his presence fronting the legendary Black Sabbath. But in 1979 he broke away to become the crazy goth dad we’ve come to love today. Another household name we’re stocking is Lemmy. The Motorhead frontman who may have changed the metal scene into what we know of it now. Although  lack Sabbath brought us dark and heavy riffs, Motorhead brought it up a notch with speed and VOLUME!!! Lemmy was well known both throughout the metal fanbase and the music industry for being one of the most humble guys around. His unfortunate passing in 2015 shook us to the core. 

Freddy Mercury and Bruce Dickinson. Large voices, captivating thousands at a time in crowds. It’s no wonder Queen and Iron Maiden shot to fame like they did! Iron Maiden also had the help of their mascot  friend Eddie. A large being who changes theme with every album. He’s very zombie like but he’s also been an Egyptian mummy, a cyborg and a lobotomised mental patient! Intriguing! 


Born In The USA

Kicking off our American metal legends t shirts is Alice Cooper. The king of mean, the cold hearted, black streaky eyed leather cladded superstar. 50 years he’s been recording and touring with his deadly props!

Makeup, leather and stage props seem to be a normal thing in America. KISS are a leading example. Makeup to the max! All four members painted up in their own way. Flames, big boots, bright lights and all round rockin’ riffs shot them to fame…. And Gene Simmons looooong tongue. 

Slipknot. Taking stage gear to a whole new level! Boiler suits, masks, spinning drum kits, baseball bats as percussion… just pure live craziness! 


Undercover Rock Stars

Did you see a Ghost? Nope it was just Papa and his Nameless ghouls! The swedish outfit are like a metal ABBA of this generation. In fact they even covered an ABBA song. 


These brilliant names and more can be found on the blackest of t shirts, hardest of mugs and handiest of wallets. Other big names like My Chemical Romance, Guns’n’Roses, Metallica and more. 

Our band merch includes:

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