Titanium Labret Bars for lip and ear piercing. Flat on the back. Ball on the front. Comfortable to sleep on when in ears. Super comfortable on teeth and gums when in oral piercings like lips and cheeks. We offer a wide range of sizes – thickness and length, and colours. Different thickness will come with different size balls, for example 1.2 will come with 3mm balls and 1.6 will come with a 4 or a 5mm ball.

Titanium Labret Bars can be used for: lips, conch, lobes, helix, scaphia/flat, tragus, cheeks and some nose piercings. Highly Polished Plain 1.2 Titanium Labret Bar can even be paired up with a gem ball.

We use these in our body piercing studio for initial piercing too as Titanium is classed as very hypoallergenic. This means it will be be better for your healing, resulting in quicker healing when paired with good aftercare.

They are highly polished for a smoother finish and optimum colouring. Titanium can dull over time turning a dark silver. You can always upgrade any time after your piercing is healed. We stock different colours too if you’re looking to go fancy this includes –

Highly Polished – keeping it plain and simple

Annodised (the metal is changed colour with an electrical current so it doesn’t need to be coated)

Blackline – a high grade black coating which does not easily remove

PVD – very much like black line but a light gold effect

Rose Gold – same family as blackline and PVD in a stunning pinky gold shade

A little tip: every now and then its worth checking your balls are tight!

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