Carved Engraved Elephant Wooden Boxes Stacking Box Mango Wood Indian Nesting Small Medium Large

Carved Elephant Wooden Box

Carved Elephant Wooden Box

A family of elephants take pride of place upon the lids of these beautiful boxes! Intricately carved from Mango Wood, each Elephant has been engraved in a traditional Indian style. Finished with a hand wax, providing durability as well as a beautiful warm sheen. Let this herd watch over your treasures and keepsakes. The ideal storage solution to keep all your bits’n’bobs all in one place. Whether it’s small items or large, we have 3 different sizes to choose from! Each of them just as wonderful as the last! They can also stack inside and on-top of each other too.

Now all you need to do is choose a size…

Paua Shell Purple Blue Green Elephant Pendant Necklace Rhodium Chain Tide Jewellery Talbot Fashions Organic New Zealand Sea Opal

Paua Shell – Elephant Necklace

Paua Shell Elephant Necklace from Tide Jewellery

A beautiful pendant with a Paua Shell inlay. The natural swirls of the New Zealand Paua shell creates individual patterns, therefore making each piece unique! Often known as a sea opal due to its opalescent blues & rich greens, accented with fiery pinks & purple flashes. All pieces from this collection are finished with a rhodium plating, making each piece hard wearing and hypoallergenic. Comes complete with a chain and Tide Jewellery presentation box, therefore a perfect gift!

Embrace the wonders of nature (especially the sea)! What are you waiting for?

Please Note: As the Paua Shell is an organic material, colouration & pattern may vary from photos.

Realistic Elephant Oil Burner

Elephant Oil Burner

Elephant Oil Burner from Puckator

Trying to reach the grapes hanging from the branch; this little elephant playfully holds his trunk in the air. Elephants often symbolise strength, honour, stability, patience and close family bonds. Expertly hand-painted and cast in the finest resin to give this item a realistic look. The elephant’s trunk and tree branch support a glass dish, whilst below is a round indent, ready to told your tealights.

Just simply add your favourite oil scent and let your home be engulfed in magic! Visit us for a full selection of oil scents.

Note: Tea-light and Oil not included.

Three Wise Baby Elephants Figures

Three Wise Baby Elephants

Three Baby Elephants from Nemesis Now

In true Confucius style, baby no.1 playfully covers his eye, whilst baby no.2 wraps his large ears around his trunk and baby no.3 clasps both his feet to his mouth, trunk up. ‘See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil’. These adorable little elephants embody wisdom beyond their years, however they also provide a feeling of playfulness to any room. They do say Elephants never forget!

Elephants not your thing? Have a look at the other Confucius variants…

Sold as a set of 3