Tattoo Pens


With our range of semi-permanent Tattoo pens you can doodle your dream tattoos or colour in outlined tatoos and if you don’t like it just scrub it off 

Easy to use tattoo pens.

In 12 different colours!

Check out our photos of the colours. We couldn’t find clear representations of the pen on skin so we did our own!

These are semi permanent, but they will stay better on some skin types better than others =( Unfortunately the greasier the skin type the easier they come off. In our pictures, Chelsea had a hard time getting the pen off even after washing a few times!

Weight 300 kg

103 in stock

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Create stunning tattoo designs that last with Stargazer Semi-Permanent Tattoo Pens.

Stargazer Semi-Permanent Tattoo Pens are smudge-proof, splash proof and very longwearing.

Once dry they last until they are removed with make up remover or the Stargazer Correction Pen.

All the pens have a slim nib to give you precise control over what you are doing, making sure your design comes out right.

As with all Stargazer products the colour is bright, saturated and won’t fade.

The pens work really well if there is a tattoo design you are thinking of getting but are unsure as whether you want it or not, try before you buy!


We recommend getting the correction pen incase you do make a mistake, you can change it with no mess.

Please note these tattoo pens are not permanent.