Soul Bond Throw


Cozy up or just netflix and chill with this Soul Bond Throw. This throw will keep you toasty all winter long.

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Pure companionship in a picture. Check out this Soul Bond Throw to learn why wolves are our friends. 

Wolves have been portrayed in so many lights. The big bad wolf who will huff and puff your house down. To the wolf who pretended to be red riding hoods granny. But some cultures love wolves! Native Americans see wolves as an animal of power. Some tribes even believe the world’s creation was the work of wolves. In Japanese mythology, farmers would worship wolves. They left food offerings for wolves and in return the wolves would protect their grains and crops from deer and wild boar. 

These majestic creatures have a fairly short life span. The average life span is 6 – 8 years. It’s no wonder they like to be in packs. With so much love to give in so little time. Their appearance is breath taking. They hold themselves with such confidence, with a piercing gaze and their fluffy coat as it flows in the wind as they run. 

Wolves tend to be in packs of 6 – 10. Maybe you can start your own pack with our Soul Bond collection. 

This beautiful image is from the great artist Ann Stokes. A British artist whose early work featured in the popular game Dungeons and Dragons. Nemesis Now includes many of her designs throughout their range. Designs include Winter Warrior, Legends tarot cards and Dragon Heart. 

This beautiful throw will keep you toasty all winter long. 160cm square, short soft pile one side and super fluffy on the other.

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