Sea Blade Letter Opener


Sword of the Dragon from Nemesis Now

Atop a pile of protruding rocks, this Dragon clutches to his sword with tail curled around a single crystal ball. Featuring stunning sapphires in a metallic ombré finish and a hint of dark magic, therefore making this expertly cast piece the focal point for any room.

A touch of Gothic Fantasy… Yes please!

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 22 cm

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Sea Blade Letter Opener from Nemesis Now

This magnificent beast will help you get through your post in no time at all. Protecting a long sword with its tail intricately wrapped around the blade and its claws securely around the top this blade will not be going anywhere. Sea Blade has a large wing span which is spread out in all its blue tones and white highlights. A beautiful scaly creature with practical purpose. Perched upon his rock, it would make a great desk ornament.

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  • Weight: 0.92 kg
  • Height: 22.2 cm
  • Colour: Blue, White
  • Material: Resin

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