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There is not many bands that can capture the world with a single G note, but My Chemical Romance did!  

My Chemical Romance is comprised of: Gerard Way – a scruffy, makeup wearing vocalist. Mikey Way, Gerard’s little brother, on bass. Frank Iero, the hap hazardous guitarist with screaming vocals. Ray Toro, the riffs, the hair, the lead guitarist and backing vocals. This band are loved and hated by many. You could say they’re like marmite. 

Their career has worked up to a massive stage show that accompanied the concept album The Black Parade. Leading them to the album Danger Days – a comic book/ super hero themed album, conjured up by Gerard Way who is also a comic book writer himself. Also you may have heard of Umbrella Academy via Netflix.

This framed print of My Chemical Romance’s album artwork for the album Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge is framed in a black, wooden frame.

Measuring at 30cm x 40cm (excluding the frame, 36cm x 46cm with the frame)

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