Journey Home Glasses Case


Brave, courageous grey wolf taking a moment to himself. Check out this Quiet Reflection Glasses Case to learn why wolves are our friends. 

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Don’t get caught out without your glasses again with this Journey Home Glasses Case.

Unicorns have been part of history for a very very long time. Its appearance has changed over time as some believed it looked more like a goat with a horn. We commonly know it to look more like a white horse now still with its horn on the forehead. These are not to be confused with a Pegasus though! Pegasus are very similar in appearance (so we believe) but have wings! Both just as majestic as each other. Long flowing locks, a spiralled horn that looks almost shell like in colour and white horse body. 

Unicorns were believed to help cure the sick by making poisoned water drinkable. What a great power to have! 

Some would believe Unicorns are from Greek Mythology but the Greeks made note about them in natural history. Ctesias has described them as wild asses and coloured white, red and black. Pegasus on the other hand were part of Greek Mythology. It is depicted as an offspring of the God Poseidon. He was god of water, earthquakes, storms and horses. 

This beautiful Journey Home Glasses Case will prevent your glasses from getting squashed or scratched wherever you choose to keep them. You can also keep your glasses smudge free with the wipe inside!

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