Hocus Pocus Glasses Case


Don’t get caught out without your glasses again with this Hocus Pocus Glasses Case. Keep them protected in style.

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Cats. Kitties. Pussy cats. Moggy’s. We just can’t get enough of these fuzzy felines. This Hocus Pocus Glasses Case will show you why! 

Cats have long been part of our lives. From big scary wild ones like lions and tigers to the little bag of bones we share a home with. People love them and hate them. You’re a cat person or a dog person. But cats get viewed in a million different ways.

There are many, many different breeds. Some are considered fancier than others like Ragdolls, Maine Coons and Bengals. Then there are moggies – cats with an unknown background. Their appearances range massively too. From big fluffy Persian’s to hairless Sphynx (get the little guy a jumper!). But their genetics in general haven’t really changed all that much over time. 

Black cats have quite the reputation. Some cultures believe they are good luck or have positive connotations like the Irish and the Japanese. But others believe they are bad luck or associate them with witches. 

If you see witch imagery, chances are there will be a black cat not far behind her. Dark and slender, you can see why they would be a witch’s familiar. 

This beautiful Hocus Pocus Glasses Case will prevent your glasses from getting squashed or scratched wherever you choose to keep them. You can also keep your glasses smudge free with the wipe inside!

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