Gypsy Wagon Fairy House


Make yourself at home with the adorable fairy houses. Why don’t we give you a tour of our Gypsy Wagon Fairy House ?

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On the go?. Why don’t we give you a tour of our Gypsy Wagon Fairy House ?

Fairies go by many names. These include fay, fae, fey, fair folk, or faerie. They are a miniature mystical being. They are also well known for living at the bottom of gardens. Have you seen any? Do you believe?

They have many different myths attached to them. For example, in Christian tradition they are believed to be demoted angels. Demons if you will. But in Paganism, it is believed they are spirits of the dead. Spirits of nature.

Fairies take human form, just very very much smaller in stature. They also adorn wings and are believed to hold magical powers. Pixies on the other hand are colourful little beings. Only 4 inches tall and have butterfly like wings. If you are a Harry Potter fan you may remember pixies in The Chamber of Secrets!

Whatever you believe or may have in your garden it is worth making them feel at home. We have little houses and accessories for all kinds of fairies and pixies to feel welcome any time.

Make this your go to fairy house for on the “move”. It is perfect for the little travellers. So although it may not move from your garden, it certainly has the feel of wonder about it. And with its purple and green colouring it will add a splash of colour to your mini camp site. So pitch up, get cozy and start a new life in the wonderland.

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