Goth Sloth Pencil Case


Get down with the rhyme, its a Goth Sloth Pencil Case!

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Get down with the rhyme, its a Goth Sloth Pencil Case

Sloths. They’re strange and adorable. With their long bodies covered in shaggy brown fur. They have long arms with super long looking claws to cling to trees. Mostly known for their super slow speed. If you’re taking a long time to do something we bet you’ve been compared to one! 

Did you know there are 6 different types? These include Bradypus, they have 3 toes. And Choloepus, they are two toed. They come from south America and central America and are considered closely related to Anteaters as they’re both part of the xenarthran order Pilosa. They usually live in trees, where they can slowly move about with little detection from nasty prey. But they are almost useless on the ground. They are known to swim though! 

As we said there are 6 different types of Sloth but we’ve never seen a goth sloth in a wild setting! Nonetheless, this sloth looks cool as hell with his spiked choker and little jacket. Clinging on to a cross in a night time setting in the typical sloth way. 

This black material case will fit all the pens, pencils and bits you’ll need in. You could even use it as a makeup bag! Printed in varying purple hues, giving a good warning the owner may be a goth sloth themselves!

  • Material: 100% Brushed Cotton Canvas
  • Size: width 21cm, height 11cm

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