Neon/ UV face & body paint 100ml


Get crazy with these Stargazer UV reactive Neon face/ body paints! Whether you are designing or just using it for war paint 

We Stock

  • Blue
  • White (not UV)
  • Black (not UV)
  • Pink
  • Yellow
  • Green
Weight 350 kg

30 in stock

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Stargazers U.V. Body and Face paint is the perfect accessory for going to a Rave or Clubbing. The paint glows very intensely under U.V. light and lasts all night even in hot environments. It won’t irritate your skin, and at the end of the night it is easy to wash off, with just some warm water or even wet wipes.


  • For best results apply with make up brushes
  • Remove with warm water or wet wipes
  • Black body paint is not UV-reactive
  • Even works on your hair