Beetlejuice Heat Changing Mug


If your life is strange and unusual check out our Beetlejuice Heat Changing Mug, you never know what may appear!

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Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beet NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Whatever you do DO NOT SAY IT! But do check out this awesome Beetlejuice Heat Changing Mug!

Beetlejuice is one of Tim Burtons many cult classics. Beetlejuice has been gracing our screens since 1988, just 5 years before Tim’s next big break with Nightmare Before Christmas. Michael Keaton plays the eccentric character. Decked out in many costumes but most notably the black and white stripe suit, scruffy hair and…. well scruffy in general!

You will have seen some of the most famous quotes that have originated from this film in all corners of the media. “I myself am strange and unusual” and “my life is one big dark room”. Muttered by Lydia Deetz, the dreary teen played by the young Winona Rider.

The film is based in Connecticut USA where a family move into a very old fashioned house. Lydia discovers the old owners are… still “hanging around”. Along the way Beetlejuice creates havoc for all parties in the film but is defeated by the end and sent back to where he belongs. Dark, fun and funny. Would you really expect anything less from Tim Burton?!

This awesome heat changing mug will make Beetlejuice appear as if you’d said his name said 3 times. Fill the mug full of your favorite hot beverage and his cheeky face will appear!

From Abysse

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