Fairy Garden

Feel inspired and release your creativity with our Fairy Garden collection. Entice your garden fairies by building a fairy haven for them to frolic in. After all every fairy appreciates a fairy home of their own, but a fairy village, now that’s another story! We have everything your need to kick start your new hobby. Find a wonderful selection of whimsical fairy houses to suit all sorts of fairies, from converted Gourds, to a Tea Pot shaped home, and even Tree Top homes too! All have been designed to withstand the outdoors, but as everything does, colours may fade over time. We also have the perfect accessories for your garden too, including tiny benches, stone bridges and even a miniature pond complete with a tiny frog. Don’t forget the miniature garden ornaments, tools and sheds, to help create their world. But don’t stop there, now to start the village too, with it’s very own Fairy Tavern. With movable doors, your garden fairies will feel right at home. Complete your garden with fairy companions too, including elves, gnomes, hedgehogs and so much more!

After all a Fairy Garden isn’t just fun for children.

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