Clocks & Lighting

Stop time from running away from you and illuminate any space, with our unique collection of clocks & lighting! Grab yourself something perfectly unique and make a statement in any room, also a perfect conversation starter. Find something exciting with our range of alternative clocks, lamps and nightlights. Including steampunk inspired Octoclock and mechanics of time, to help add a flair of dystopia. Also find animal inspired pieces (dragons, owls, cats and dogs), complete with playful swinging tails acting a pendulum. We stock a range of lamps and nightlights, featuring Wolves, Angels, Unicorns and so much more! Beautifully crafted designs from top brands like Nemesis Now. With dragons, reapers and a plethora of other beings, there’s something for everyone.

Tick Tock Tick Tock… Quick! Grab yours now before the lights turn off!

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