Eye Accessories

We all strive for beauty and hold a desire to look our personal best.  Whether this means topping up a golden tan, investing in beauty treatments or a change in hairstyle. The fact is, we love the feeling we get when we look good. Time to introduce Eye Accessories!

We’re able to purchase products which allow us to change our hairstyle and colour, the tone of our skin or whiten our teeth. Now, thanks to advancements in technology, we can change our eye colour in seconds by using a simple off the shelf fashion accessory. Funky Eye Accessories are currently the hottest must have item. Everybody wants beautiful bright eyes and the best news is you don’t have to pay a fortune for them.

Funky are a breakthrough new breed of disposable Eye Fashion Accessory. Made from the latest material, they lead the way in colour Eye Fashion Advancements.

Manufactured with a precision cast moulding method. The result is a comfortable accessory of ultra-thin design, which conforms to strict European safety requirements. The accessories are not sold through optical businesses and are not optical appliances or medical devices. They are not capable of offering corrective features for eyesight but instead have a clear see through membrane circle in the middle to allow normal uncorrected vision.