Petrol Lighters

We all know what a ‘Zippo’ is, well now it’s time to introduce ‘Bomb Lighters’! They’re exactly the same thing, just with a different brand name, different designs and an affordable price tag. The design of Bomb lighters is a flat top windproof petrol lighter. With designs based on our much loved cult films, TV programmes, iconic actors and rock bands. Including Rocky Picture Horror Show, Nightmare Before Christmas, Breaking Bad, Rizla, Star Wars, Gameboy, Tetris and so many more of our favourites. Everyone is bound to find something they love! We all too familiar with those stormy days, trying to light a cigarette, but our lighter keeps going out… But don’t worry petrol lighters are here to save the day! After all it’s a pretty fashionable piece nowadays… retro chic, flip top lighters is definitely going to be the next big thing of the future.

Each includes a full lifetime manufacturer’s guarantee to cover basic performance and build (not cosmetics), due to it’s fantastic quality and durability! (18+ Only! Gas not included).

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