Top Hats & Dressage

Top hats & Dressage hats don’t just have to be for formal occasions! Okay, so maybe it’s not going to be your daily attire but why not? From the discernible bowler hat to the timeless silhouette of a top hat, we have it all. The classic top hat, perfect for formal affairs such as royal ascot but all perfect to accessorise your city suit. The perfect accessory to any Mad Hatter party too. Who knows when they will com in handy. How about a steampunk top hat, adorned with cogs, gears and chains and completed with a set of googles, perfect for Whitby Weekends! Don’t let mainstream stop you, if you want to wear a top hat, go for it! We even have a bowler hat with cat ears…

Either way if you are looking for top hats & dressage, you have found the right place!

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