Dermal Prices & Info

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Studio Opening Times: 
  • Plymouth   Mon-Sat: 10:00-16:50 / Sun: 10:30-15:40
  • Torquay      Mon-Sat: 10:00-16:50 / Sun: 10:30-15:40

Covid-19 Update* – Updated Aug 2021

We are taking the full precautions necessary to help reduce the spread of Covid-19.

Therefore we ask that you please:

– Do not bring anyone with you to your appointment.
– Any friends and family (aside from parents accompanying a minor) will no longer be permitted in the piercing studio.
– You are advised to wear your own mask upon your appointment.
– Any parent/guardian will also be advised to bring their own mask with them.
All Customers are advised to wear a mask in the studio, due to it being an enclosed environment. (Including those with Exemption Cards). This tends to only be for a short time between 5-10 mins.

We are now offering all piercings.

We ask you to please contact us to reschedule your appointment if you:

– Are currently feeling unwell.
– Have been unwell within the past 2 weeks
– Have travelled outside of the UK recently
– Have been in contact with anyone feeling unwell

We appreciate this can be inconvenient, however, the safety of our customers and staff is of the upmost importance to us.

Stay safe everyone and please remember to wash your hands!

*We have the right to refuse anyone, under our own discretion, no matter the reason.

Appointments are available 1 week in advance.

We charge: 
£35 for one
£60 for two
£90 for three

You must be 16+ for a Dermal Piercing. We will not do anymore than 3 in any one sitting because of the nature of dermals. You can read below why more than 3 or “dermal projects” aren’t a good idea.

We use titanium dermal bases and tops, this means you are highly unlikely to get a reaction from the metal. We only use 4 mm dermal tops as anything bigger or smaller isn’t as practical during the healing process. If it is too big it’s harder to clean and if it is too small it could push under the skin. We have tops in many colours so we’re sure you will find one you like.

Don’t know how a dermal works?
Dermals are made up of a small titanium base fitted between the skin layer and the fat layer of the body. A small tube of skin is removed, leaving space for the dermal foot to sit in. You can pretty much think of dermals as buttons for the body, as you can’t see any of the foot once it’s in, only the dermal top.

Where can you put them?
You can pretty much put them anywhere BUT do think hard about where you are putting them. It’s all about placement and functionality.

We advise against hands, fingers and feet as the blood flow isn’t as strong in these areas, also you are always using your hands and feet, therefore the dermal will be more likely to get caught and pulled out. Also with shoes and socks covering your feet, it can get quite uncomfortable. If you’re thinking about having them in your wrists, please take into account that, like hands, if you’re not careful the dermal can get caught and pulled out. This can happen whilst pulling sleeves over, putting your hands into things, holding bags etc.

Faces are a great place for dermals but they don’t always settle well, especially between the eyes (like a bindi). They look great but unfortunately there isn’t a great success rate for them surviving, as our staff and other body piercers have found through personal experience.

And girls, if you’re having a dermal in your face, be careful with the makeup… If can really mess up the thread and will leave you needing to take it out!

Bored of the top and want to change it yourself?
We advise coming in to see us for your first change as they can get very “clogged up” and stiff during the healing process. Our piercer will help you remove the top but after the first change it should be a lot easier to change yourself!

Stocking dermal tops as small as 2.5mm to as large as 8mm!!! We also have shaped dermal tops available, like star and hearts. We always have new designs in but please be patient as dermal top designs are still fairly limited. So why not pay us a visit!